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When you rent a dumpster, you are responsible for everything that ends up in the dumpster when removed... whether you, a neighbor or a stranger put it in there.  

Strict local, state and federal rules and laws govern the waste industry, so it's critical you are familiar with the process before diving in.  We're here to help.  

Empire Disposal is a local M.W.B.E and HUB Certified company with local friendly employees. We are committed to providing personalized service for every customer. Our trucks are the cleanest and manned by the safest most dependable drivers in the DFW area. 



How it works


The dumpster rental process typically works as follows:

1. You communicate with a dumpster rental company requesting their services.   

2. You and the dumpster company make arrangements and agree to terms (including selecting a dumpster type and size).  

3. Your dumpster is dropped off at the agreed address.   

4. You load your dumpster with the accepted weight and type of waste.   

5. The rental company picks up your dumpster (with or without trash inside of it) from the agreed address on the contracted date and time. 


Front-Load Containers


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I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Empire Disposal as our new hauler!
— TyRee Whitely Benton
We’ve never worked with a hauler that was so reliable. You can set your watch by Empire Disposal.
— Sandra Bryson
Empire Disposal is the absolute best! They always go above and beyond no matter what the circumstance.
— Chad Jones