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Our Story

Sandra and Ronnie McGlothlin, Empire Disposal Co-Founders

Sandra and Ronnie McGlothlin, Empire Disposal Co-Founders

Empire Disposal has established itself as one of the leading construction waste haulers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Empire Disposal was started in 2000, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Today, Empire Disposal is M.W.B.E. and H.U.B. certified and serves more than 6 million people; the company specializes in commercial and industrial waste removal for construction jobs.  Large haulers may perform waste hauling more competitively, but they cannot offer the level of service that Empire Disposal can, including the highest quality and personalized service, instant dispatching for same day service, and after hour service or 24-hour service for fire, water or storm damage.  Empire prides itself on providing transparent pricing models with no hidden fees.  Placing great importance on professionalism and emphasizing quality as well as safety in all operations. Empire Disposal is also sure to take care of recycling material at job sites, setting out several dumpsters for wood, metal, paper and taking the recyclables to the appropriate local recycling facilities.  Looking to the future, the company plans on doing what it has done over the last 17 years - maintain quality customer service and perform quality work.


Our Mission:

Empire Disposal is dedicated to being the most customer centric company in the waste industry; building a place where people experience transparent business practices and superior customer service; and creating a culture that empowers and supports our employee’s growth and well-being.  

Our Vision:

To be the premier organization operating locally that provides superior waste disposal services with no hidden-fees, a commitment to customer satisfaction and employee growth.


Core Values:



accepting responsibility for achieving our goals and objectives.  


embracing equality and diversity.  Supporting all employees and clients equally.   


 being accessible for customer and employee communications.  


 no hidden fees and a commitment to educating our customers regarding waste guidelines and local rules and regulations.  


being honest and ethical in all interactions internally and externally.  Remain committed to “people over profit”.


encourage excellence through transparent business practices, innovation and a commitment to implementing technological advances.  

Employee Well-Being  

supporting employee’s health and well-being with regular appreciation events and health focused challenges.